Labor & Delivery


The miracle of birth is an amazing experience! But, it tends to be a long one. As your delivery photography, I'm in it with you for the long haul! Instead of charging by hour, because anything can happen, I try to separate coverage if possible. At hospitals, I will get your initial check in and laboring process, then I will return around 6 cm dilated (So I don't miss anything!) I'm more than happy to stay the entire journey with you to capture every moment, so I have two base set prices to cover either option!

Just Labor or Just Delivery

In-Person meet and greet

Up to 4 hours of split photography coverage, for the mommies who don't want to get X-Rated!

Check-in, scenery, couples, hospital staff, candid, & intimate experience photos.

1 hour post birth (For Delivery)

On Call 24/7 from 36 weeks gestation

50-60 digital images


Labor & Delivery

In-Person meet and greet

Unlimited photography coverage (Nap included, lol!)

Check in, scenery, couples, staff, friends & family, candid, first meeting, and intimate experience photos.

1-2 hours post birth included

On Call 24/7 from 36 weeks gestation

100+ digital images


Add Ons

First 48 newborn session included with 20 digital images and 2 outfits for an additional $125

Videography can be added on for $200 additionally, and includes 1 edited & 1 raw experience video. (Can be censored if desired)! I cannot capture photo and video at the same time, so it's your preference which moments I capture.

If interested in only videography, please see the 'Videography' tab listed under my portfolio!

Payment Plans?

Preparing for a new baby is an extreme financial stressor for everyone- As affordable as I try to make myself, I understand photography prices can be quite hefty. I will absolutely do payment plans, so long as 50% of the chosen package is paid by 36 weeks gestation. I only book births monthly, so no possible overlap can occur with labor!

If having a birth photographer was a last minute idea- I will gladly accept a 50% package deposit upon arrival at your chosen birthing location!


You can choose bodily exposure depending on your comfort level. I can shoot around nudity aesthetically, but am more than happy to include it as well! Your comfort is my priority.

No Package? No Problem!

If you're unsure about purchasing an entire package up front, I'm happy to shoot for an hourly rate of $129. Afterwards, you will have access to your entire gallery to chose which photos to purchase additionally. Photo packages range $7-12 per photo, with a minimum requirement of $150 to purchase. For Example, a 1 hour session will yield ~20 photos for $275 & a 2 hour session will yield ~30 photos for $400


Birth is a perilous journey that sometimes doesn't go as expected- I will be happy to arrange my schedule for premature labor or emergency surgery to be able to capture the moment you meet your child regardless of circumstance! (Given hospital policy allows in surgery). Every moment counts in these situations and I will give 110% to make you comfortable while still capturing new life!

Let's Do This, Baby

Contact me today to schedule your meet & greet consultation-

Only 2 spots available monthly to prevent overlapping births

Lucy Chillson