Hi, I am Lucy Chillson.

I am a creative at heart. The first time I picked up a camera was the only time- I never put it down! I grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri and am a Lindenwood University B.S. student. Much of my childhood was spent around nature, animals, and in the country where my Grandparents lived. I always have been fascinated with capturing photographs and editing. I have extensive experience with Adobe Creative Cloud and have all the tools to make your portraits pristine. I have been a photographer and videographer since 2018, when I decided to start photographing people and capturing their moments, not just my own!

I have just begun building my business to a professional standard and am so excited to share my journey with you. Most of my clients are involved in the Equestrian Community- I have been riding horses since I was 7 years old and am currently a riding instructor. I have extensive experience with horses and riders to create stunning compositions in photo or video. I've been editing my own 'riding videos' since 2010, publishing my work on youtube as a young child . From there I transitioned from iMovie shorts to professional premiere projects. My experience ranges from professional music videos, to weddings and horse shows. I am always looking to build my portfolio with new projects and opportunities!

The Brand

est 1997

A horse of course! My brand represents passion, love, creativity, hard-work, and perseverance. Dedicated to my heart horse, my logo incorporates the Holsteiner brand. I owe my commitment and excellence in photography to the valuable life lessons that being an equestrian has taught me.

All Inclusive, All the time.

LC Photography believes in individuality and acceptance regardless of race, occupation, gender identity, sexuality, or financial status. Hate speech, racism, sexism, domestic abuse, or any other type of violation of civil rights will not be tolerated.



“I have used LC Photography for the last 2 years, Lucy is very talented and she pays attention to all the little details. I love how she gives every shoot a personal touch! I have been so happy with all my photos and videos she has done for me! I will continue using her services! Thank you so much LC Photography!”