Do you shoot destination weddings?

I currently do not travel out of the country, but this is subject to change. I am more than willing to travel within reasonable distance in the midwestern United States; Other locations in the continental United States or events lasting for an extended period of time will require accommodations.

Will there be a second shooter?

I can provide a second shooter and normally use one for weddings and shows. The second shooter is only available in top tier packages as they have to be compensated for their time as well. If you are purchasing videography and photography services through me for the same event, a second shooter is a given!

Can I extend the session on the day of?

I am flexible with upgrading your sessions as long as it doesn't interfere with other planned events.

What kind of gear do you use?

I shoot nikon; I have mirrorless and DSLR cameras as well as a selection of lenses. I also have a Go Pro Hero 8, and a RONIN-SC gimbal.

Do I have to order prints through you?

Absolutely not! You can order prints from wherever you'd like! But keep in mind, merchandise purchased through me are guaranteed to be sized correctly, high resolution, and correctly formatted for printing color.

Do I have to purchase a package?

No! My goal is for quality photos to be affordable, this is just as fun and rewarding for me as it is for you! Contact me for payment plan options.

A La Carte?

Absolutely! If you run into me and want photos at an event I will gladly provide an album for you to choose individual photos or a small set of photos at A La Carte Pricing. Short notice scheduling only requires a $100 session fee deposit, then you can purchase your photos after receiving the online gallery.

My horse was misbehaving..

Ah, horses of course! Like any living animal your furry friend may not be walking the runway the day of the shoot. I will not provide any photos that I deem unsatisfactory. All photos go through a rigorous selection process. I will gladly reschedule shoots due to your uncooperative friend, but the session fee is non-refundable.

More I N F O R M A T I O N

Skip the paperwork by reading this page and filling out the form below:


The best time for sessions include 1 1/2 prior to sunset, and noon. This makes sure there isn't any too-harsh lighting or contrasting shadows in your final images. Evening sessions tend to have a vibrant glow right before sunset! I have open availability around other sessions any day of the week.


A La Carte sessions require a $100 payment at meet-up. This is commonly referred to the "session fee", and is not a credit when purchasing photos separately. Package sessions require $100 deposit prior to meet-up. Weddings require 25% payment of selected package at booking to hold selected date, and 75% by the day of. L&D sessions require 25% payment to book, and 75% by 36 weeks gestation to secure selected month of birth. Bookings may be declined due to non-payment. Payment plans are available, but deposit to hold dates are firm.


Most of my casual sessions have a 3-tiered option, and can be upgraded at anytime. These packages start with bases of $300, $400, & $500 with add ons optional. Package prices fluctuate based on number of people, and organizational difficulty. If unsure of a package, you can always elect to pay a session fee ($100/hr) and chose a photo package based on quantity when photos are delivered. *All Sessions will have an online proof gallery that can be reviewed. Purchase of photos afterwards must be done in a timely manner.

Time is of the Essence

When purchasing an A La Carte session versus a package, the session fee is due immediately. A photo package must be purchased within 14 days of receiving your fully edited online proof gallery, with the exception of extreme circumstances or installment of a payment plan. Failure to comply will result in a $150 reopening fee to access your gallery, or deletion after 90 days of non-payment.

Payment Plans

Payment plans for casual sessions may not exceed 45 days past delivery of album or may be subjected to a reopening fee. Payment plans must be arranged prior to a package session, but may be arranged after an A La Carte session. Failure to comply with a payment plan may result in losing album access.

Equine Turn-Out

I am great at editing, but some things can't be fixed easily! Please wear clean and pressed clothing, and bring a hairbrush. For our equine friends, this is what is required:

Show turnout including a clean coat, brushed mane & tail, hoof oil, and cleaned/oiled tack. Bring necessary fly repellant as well as a towel for drool. Braiding is optional for english riders, but highly suggested.

As your photographer I am more than happy to help and assist, but am not responsible for uneditable attributes in final photos.


Complementary touch up includes blemishes, fly away hairs, color correcting, skin smoothing, eye brighten, teeth whiten, and texture correction. Any additional complex touch ups are subject to additional charges per photo. I will never charge without asking if the touch-up is something you'd like done.

Turnaround Time

As with any quality project, exquisite editing takes time, patience, and creativity.

Casual sessions have a 4 week turnaround time, and any delays will be communicated.

Expect a 6-10 week turnaround time on wedding photos depending on the package and editing needed, and a 12-16 week turnaround time on wedding videos. Packages with both photo & video may require the full 16 week period for completion of both parts.

Sneak Peaks?!

I'm a huge fan of sneak peaks.. normally the night of the session!


All photography work completed by me and shown on this website is creative content owned by LC Photography and protected under federal law.

Canvases, Prints, & More

Pixieset labs have amazing quality, turnaround time, and customer service. All photos are color corrected for prints, canvases, and other merchandise. This is done in a photography print lab by professionals. I highly suggest purchasing these via my store for the best quality you can receive. Please let me know what you'd like to purchase, and I'll remove my watermark for large projects!

Official Photographer Policy

I cannot take photos at events or horse shows that have an "Official Photographer" without clearance from event venue and show photographer prior to session.

Print Release & Contracts

All photographers are subject to providing contractual agreements to arrange payment and services between both parties. These agreements allow for use of content, distribution, and lays out the expectations of both parties to ensure all needs are met and the session day runs smoothly. I avoid contracts for casual sessions, but require for wedding, L&D, large videography projects, and payment plans. Print releases will be provided for every session and allows for reproduction of my images while protecting the copyright. Photos taken will freely be used in my portfolio and website, unless by special request.


Casual sessions can be rescheduled, but the session fee is non-refundable. Cancellation of weddings and L&D sessions are subject to 50% of the total payment for loss of profits on a reserved date, unless extreme circumstances occur.


I often offer holiday and seasonal mini sessions at a reduced price- keep an eye out on my facebook page!

Creative Style

By reading and acknowledging this, you understand you have chosen LC Photography and their creative style for your photography and videography needs- you will hold LC Photography harmless based on creative style.

This means you've seen my portfolio and liked my photos enough to book me- If you don't like a final editing style or aesthetic, I will gladly adjust but I have complete creative freedom on how I take, edit, and produce my media with my professional experience and knowledge.

Happiness Guaranteed

I take great pride in my work and creativity, but sometimes people don't see through the same lens. If you are unhappy with my art, and all options to fix the issues have been exhausted, I will be more than happy to discuss a refund or a credit for another session. I am happy to discuss any issues you may have should they occur, but I'm confident I'll exceed your expectations!

Please fill out the form below prior to your session if you'd like to skip formal paperwork

Fill out your information & type the following:

"I have read and agreed to all the terms set forth by LC Photography above and waive a contractual agreement in place of this form"

Wedding Photography & Videography Contract


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